behind the scenes of our creative process

Take a look at Terry’s creative process and how he and his team of brilliant professionals, comes up with grand ideas that start from sketches on paper. These idea sketches act as a baseline for the structural design and even the final product.

Each step is paved with multiple professionals putting in their creativity, mentored by Terry himself, to produce a design that is unique to every project.

Terry Miranda considers each progressing step as an artwork in itself. The schematic drawings, the CAD layouts, etc, all of them are vital to the end result. Each step is poetically curated to ensure that no detail is missed.

According to Terry, creative flow is like an organism that grows naturally over the course of the project and eventually culminates in a breath taking result.


Honors & Awards

Believing ‘everything is possible’ in the UAE Terry pursued every opportunity to fulfil his dream, including leaving his home at age 17 to pursue it. Since its humble beginnings under Terry’s direction, Lighthouse Productions, in the last 12 years, has come to be known as one of the most ‘Consistent & Diverse’ companies in the Middle East with a portfolio that is unmatched within the industry by sheer volume and unparalleled quality.
Outstanding Work - 2017
Outstanding Design - 2017
Outstanding Design & Production - 2016
Award of Interior Design - 2015