Terry Miranda

Managing Director & Creative Principal - Lighthouse Productions (LHP) ME
Born: 1973 | Interests: Design, Music, Spirituality and Sports

Entrepreneur, lighting and multi-disciplined designer Terry Miranda was born in the UAE.

Creativity, grit and a sound business acumen paved the path for Terry to be reckoned as one of the leading names in the event production and design industry both locally and internationally. His creative flair, keen sense of aesthetics, and trend-setting solutions are evident in every project delivered by his team at LHP.

The Early Years

Terry grew up witnessing, and mesmerized by, the spectacular transformation that the UAE was experiencing under the visionary leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Nation’s first President and Founding Father. The leader who laid the foundation to turn a desert land into one of the most progressive countries in the world became young Terry’s role model.

During school years, Terry thrived in the multi-cultural environment fostered in the UAE. Besides academics, Terry explored and won accolades in extracurricular activities like elocution and dance which then led him to discover his penchant for drums at the age of 12. His adeptness with drums landed him the opportunity to play at local shows with his older brother Steve and other locally acclaimed adult musicians.

The exposure and passionate immersion in the world of music inspired an adolescent Terry to start his own rock band ‘Anthology’. He performed at various shows and also opened for various international artists that performed in the UAE.

Being in the entertainment business, at such an early age, Terry aspired to develop his career in the industry and pursue his passion for artistic performance. It was during this time that he was introduced to PINK FLOYD and his ultimate dream of being a lighting designer took shape. When watching the concert (Delicate Sound of Thunder), on a VHS tape borrowed from his elder brother Glen, Mark Brickman’s inspirational design sowed the seed for Terry’s career.