Professional Journey

Profeesional Journey

Believing that ‘everything is possible’ in the UAE, Terry pursued every opportunity to fulfil his dream including leaving home at 17 for it.

While being renowned locally for his drumming skills, Terry worked his way up from a part-time job at Labeeb Music store in Madinat Zayed to a full-time employment with Sonia Electronics in 1992; a local sound and lighting company with a growing inventory of equipment in the UAE at the time.While managing and running the musical instruments division at the company, Terry would volunteer after work hours in the Sound & Light department assisting with cabling, set up, and other event related tasks.

In 1992, Terry’s efforts and will to learn landed him his first high-profile but unpaid job, the Bryan Adams Concert at the Al Nasr Ice Rink organized by the Talent Brokers. He was the designated cable boy, running hundreds of meters of cables connecting the myriad of devices that were required to get a show ‘up and running’.

Terry worked relentlessly between pursuing education and apprenticing. On days off work he would devour lighting manuals, magazines, or any literature on the topic. In the 90s there was no formal AV institute in the UAE. Terry, therefore, taught himself and experimented in the warehouses whenever possible.

His passion for lighting flourished with his ability to quickly learn design, troubleshoot and program lighting desks and gear. During his tenure with Sonia, Terry got the opportunity to work with international artists such as Bryan Adams, UB40, Shirley Bassey, Inner Circle, Meat Loaf, Temptations, Duran Duran as well as a host of Bollywood stars.

In 1998, Terry joined Events Productions as a Lighting Designer. The company catered to the local cultural and wedding functions. Here, Terry had the opportunity to design events from scratch as well as thrive creatively. In a short span of time, Terry spearhead the wedding industry as an LD. In 1999, at the age of 25, Terry was appointed as the GM of Events Productions.

Balancing a sharp mind for business development and lighting design sensibility, he devised a plan to capitalize on the ever-growing wedding market by using theatrical lighting concepts and novel designs. In two years, his reputation soared with the Bride magazine calling him the ‘Wedding King’.

After spending five years in the wedding business, Terry decided to venture out independently. In 2004, Lighthouse Productions was established in the UAE as a company dedicated to Lighting & Production design.

12 years on, and under Terry’s direction, Lighthouse has come to be known as one of the most ‘Consistent & Diverse’ companies in the Middle East with a lustrous portfolio encompassing top fashion shows, Royal weddings, major Corporate and Governmental events with bureaucrats and celebrities in attendance.

Terry’s current endeavor includes collaborating with talented Emirati playwrights like Mohammad Al Amri, Ali Al Khawar, Khalid Nasser and Obaid Ali to bring Emirati musicals and theater to the fore as large scale productions. The seed was first planted, in 2012, by H.E. Minister Abdul Rahman Al Owais, when Terry was commissioned to design the ‘Hilm Al Majd’ theatrical show for the Vice President of the UAE.

Over the years, Terry’s expertise has evolved to encompass stage design, animation, film, interior design, scenography, VR and AR.