What Keeps Me Going !

Opportunity & Proving People Wrong

I always tell my staff & young students that,

“Opportunities are foundations to be built on, not sat on”

When I get shortlisted for a project or get pulled in late on an event that’s going south for whatever reason, I am genuinely very excited from the start, and I have been like this since my early days because I do believe every opportunity is a step to something bigger or broader discipline wise.

Proving People Wrong

Ever since I got into the industry, I was told I would never make it for many reasons – “You cant get a Lighting design education in UAE” – “You’re a Pakistani” – “Your too young” – “You don’t have experience” – “Your not an Art Graduate” – “No one will Hire an Asian to design for an international client” – “You are an Asian, so you will always be Labour or a tech at best”

Through Patience and Foresight I proved everyone wrong and not because I am some kind of a genius, but because I believed in myself before I asked people to believe in me. On a few occasions I have pitched design concepts that certain clients rejected, and I made it a point to get those designs approved with another client and then won an Award for it.